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“Filiberto Martinez”

Canned Vegetables of Murcia

Filiberto Martínez, S.A. currently working in two lines of work, one aimed at reindustrialization and another in vegetable preservation for direct consumer consumption.
Its products destined for industry are apricot and plum, and directed for direct consumption are artichokes, plum peeled tomato, crushed peeled tomato, extra pisto murciano, extra fried tomato and Spanish sofrito.
Tomate Natural

Plum peeled tomato
and crushed.

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Artichoke hearts
and crushed

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Alcachofa Natural
Tomate Natural

Spanish Sofrito, Pisto Murciano
and Ratatouille

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Fried tomato with extra
virgin olive oil

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Alcachofa Natural
Tomate Natural

Bulida apricot

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Reina Claudia and Claudia Tolosa
plum pulp

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Alcachofa Natural


Empresa Filiberto Martinez


Filiberto Martínez, S.A. is a canning company located in the northwest of the Region of Murcia, Spain, dedicated to the world of "Canned Vegetables" since 1964. What was once a business run exclusively nationally, has become a business much wider, and nowadays its range of products are exported to different countries.

Filiberto Martínez, S.A offers the highest quality and value in its authentic products, full of the history of the Spanish community. Family recipe, time and honor have passed from generation to generation. Consumers are looking for authentic products, filled with the best ingredients because our consumers are clamoring for better products. For this reason, all products are acquired with a high quality requirement, selected directly in the field, always with certified and approved suppliers so that the quality and safety is optimal.

At present, Filiberto Martínez, S.A has five main product lines, a large part of them, served in different formats and with different preparation. All of them under the standards of quality and safety would feed BRC and IFS. All this, plus a human capital qualified and trained in food quality system, and very committed to the quality policy of the company, guarantees that the final product reach our consumers with the highest quality and food safety.

Our way of working

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Fabrica interiores
Fabrica paneles


In order to improve service to our customers, and to protect food and environmental health, Filiberto Martínez, S.A, from its beginnings, has clearly understood its priority objectives to carry out its commitment to consumers and the environment. It has professionals from the food industry, and carries out strict controls to obtain the best quality.


Our commitment to the environment and good practises

Filiberto Martínez, S.A., is a company committed and concerned about the environment, with the best certified and approved suppliers that make possible a contribution to environmental improvement

In this line of commitment, it should be noted that Filiberto Martínez, S.A., has collaborated for many years with non-profit institutions to which each year he contributes products to make a donation for those most in need.

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Certificaciones BFC IRS


All these controls range from the product field foot to the final product always complying with the standards of quality and food safety. In this way, it has the quality and food safety certificates BRC and IFS.

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Monday to Friday: 9:00 - 13:30 / 15:30 - 19:00
Phone: +34 968 720 178 / Fax: +34 968 720 869 / Email:
Adress: Av de Juan Ramón Jiménez, 141, 30420 Calasparra (Murcia) España

Empresa Filiberto Martinez